Moving House Checklist

Developing your own moving house checklist will assist you in completing a successful and stress free move.

It provides you a comprehensive list of tasks and a timeline to work towards. A checklist prepares you for moving day so that you will not be under undue pressure and important things will not be forgotten.

Whether it is a moving interstate checklist, a moving overseas checklist or one for a local move, the fundamental tasks are very similar.

The following is a detailed example of a checklist for you to begin work on. Not every item relates to your removalists, but Crown with over 50 years’ experience in moving individual and families interstate, internationally and locally is always available to help you put the finer touches to your plan.

First Steps & Preparation
Important Documents
Inventory Your Belongings
International - Immigration +
Interstate - Quarantine
Choosing Your Removalists
Information for Your Removalists
Questions for your in-home visit
Who Should You Notify?
Discontinuing Services
What Cannot Be Transported
A Few Don’ts!
The Last 24 Hours

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