Moving With Your Family:

Overcoming Homesickness

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Many people living away from home face homesickness. This includes both people who move interstate as well as expatriates. It is a type of separation anxiety and you may feel it every time something reminds you of home. It can be a taste of homemade food, a blow of wind, familiar voice, or anything else that brings back memories.

Unlike culture shock, homesickness may strike at any time, and fades only with time.

Homesickness can, and probably will, come and go, it will be there when you least expect it, and you never know how you will feel the next day, still there are a few steps that can help you overcome this feeling.

The first step you can do is to make a home. Don’t simply move into the property and furnish it. Try some additional decorations to create a comfortable home to meet all your needs. If you like music, get the newest stereo device and good speakers. If you like to cook, furnish your kitchen with all the appliances you may need, make it comfortable and cozy by decorating it in whatever makes you feel relaxed.

Get to know your environment. Find a park to go with your children, or to take a dog for a walk. Search around for a relaxed and comfy restaurant where you can eat and rest; get to know the owner and the staff. Make new rituals which will become a part of your life. Meet your neighbours, some of them may become your new friends, and having friends living so conveniently close is truly a benefit.

Be positive about your new surroundings. Homesick people tend to be rather negative about their new environment, focusing mostly on things that they cannot adapt to. Instead, find positive aspects of your new setting. If you like history, you may concentrate on historical sites, museums, libraries or similar places, and make it an enjoyable time. If you enjoy nature, take frequent  trips to the countryside and simply enjoy the landscape. You may even find your favorite spot for ultimate relaxation. Make it your new ritual. In time, you will begin to feel at home, and you might even really miss those moments once you do return home!

Stay in touch with your family and friends at home. Modern technology provides people an opportunity to stay in contact with their family back home without creating additional financial burden. Using the internet to communicate with your beloved ones is a great benefit. This way, you will feel much closer to home and you will stay informed of any new developments such as your best friend’s new baby, or your sister’s new house. You will be able to share your experience and feelings, not only through words, but also by sending pictures or short videos. Take full advantage of this possibility, but don’t overdo it. Leave some time for you, to make new friends and new memories in your host city or country.

Get involved in your new community. You will feel more at home if you take an active part in local events. Pick your sphere of interest to contribute through volunteering or providing any kind of assistance. Even helping your neighbour to paint the fence can make you feel better, helpful and a part of new society. And, for example, if you are an animal lover, you may offer to help at the animal shelter. Whatever you interests are, being able to contribute to the new community will certainly make you feel less like a loner.

And last but not least: there is nothing wrong in having two or more homes. It is actually possible to feel at home in many different locations. Remember that a house doesn’t make a home, but people, family and friends do. Good company and great memories filled with emotions are what makes us miss our home, so why not create a new one. You may actually enjoy it!

If you have suffered from homesickness and have developed you own ways to cope, please join the conversation.

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