Relocation Agents

Engaging relocation agents or relocation consultants can be the single factor that helps you move from your current home and settle in to your new home faster. Relocating your family and belongings to a new home can be both exciting and stressful.

Preparation and knowledge are the key factors that will make your move easier. A relocation agent will help you manage your move and successfully relocate your family.

Engaging experienced relocation agents to help you at your new location gives you the best chance to settle in quickly and easily. The greatest worry of moving interstate or internationally is the unknown aspects of your new location. Having a dedicated relocation agent dedicated to the success of you settling in to your new location cannot be underestimated. In the initial few weeks, they can be your “first friend” to call on when you need help.

Relocations Agent

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Relocations Agent - Key Attributes

  • They must listen to you and your needs. The must be aware of not only what you are saying, but also be intuitive to what you are feeling.
  • They must be flexible to your changing needs and must change with minimal effort. You will change your thoughts through the help of your consultant as you become more knowledgeable of your move and new location.
  • They must be encouraging and turn around the negatives by being able to offer positive alternatives - pointing out the progress made at the end of every day – no matter how small – so that you know that you are getting somewhere.
  • In Australia, Crown has an extensive network of relocation agents - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and across the country. The process is much like having a "best friend" to help you move.

Relocations Agent - How They Help You

Your consultant will help you orient yourself to you new surroundings as quickly as possible also helps you and your family to settle in quicker. Some of the areas they can advise on are:

  • Finding a new home in a location that best meets your needs
  • Finding schools that meets your children's educational requirements.
  • You will need to know the commute time to the office, how best to travel there – public transport options or do you drive?
  • Where are the nearest shopping facilities – both for groceries and retail outlets.
  • What medical facilities are available – hospitals, doctors, dentists, physiotherapists. They can even provide you the private health care options that you may need.
  • Banking and insurance facilities and the options available to you need to be put in place.
  • What neighbourhood and community facilities are available? Sporting clubs such as gyms, golf, tennis, cricket, football and dance are close by.
  • In the early stages, what are easily accessible weekend activities for your family?

The first few weeks are so important to make sure that you do exciting things and make everyone feel that this is the right move for your family. Networking with others, making new friends quickly also is key to your successful move. Your relocation consultant often organises “morning teas” for people in a similar position to you. You are all going through similar issues trying to quickly settle down.

Engaging the right removalists, with experienced relocation agents is the first and most important step you can take to ensure the success of your move.