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Australians Favourable To Increased British Migration

Friday, March 09, 2018

In a recent survey of 1,000 Australians, Crown Relocations have uncovered some of the core elements required for a person from the UK to blend into life “Down Under".

One telling statistic is that 90% of respondents said that they would like more British entrepreneurs to emigrate. With a view to promoting greater diversity and innovation and to make it easier for overseas talent to migrate, Australia has a newly proposed Entrepreneur Visa scheduled for November 2016. Christopher Pyne, the then Australian Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science said: “Australia wants to attract the best and brightest entrepreneurial talent and skills.”

Nonetheless, merely having an entrepreneurial spirit does not lead to a comfortable time assimilating into the Australian community and lifestyle. There has always been a friendly rivalry and banter between Australians and the British across all works of life, particularly around the sporting fields. The survey however gave further insight into the expectations an Australians have of a Briton considering making the move.

  • 66% believe that hard work is imperative to making an impact in business and so this must be a fundamental trait.
  • With the aforementioned friendly rivalry and banter 34% expect that having a good sense of humour is an absolute necessity. That said, it is a two way street and Australians will expect that they get as much as they give.
  • With much of the Australian lifestyle spent outdoors, 40% of Australians believe that a respect for nature is essential.
  • Staying with the outdoors theme, 33% agree that a sociable attitude is highly desirable to fully enjoy the lifestyle on offer. Much of the Australian way of life is built around friends, BBQ’s, beaches, sport and a variety of outdoor activities. Being willing to be a part of this will make assimilating into Australia so much easier.
  • Australia is a highly diverse and multi-cultural society. With an increasing level of migration from all over the word, 40% agree that an acceptance and tolerance of other nationalities and cultures is indispensable to starting a new life down under.

No doubt the views gained directly through this survey paints a very positive picture for any Britons considering a move to Australia. More than 1.2 million Australian residents were born in the UK and are already enjoying the life that Australia has to offer. The opportunities are certainly available, community acceptance is evident and determination of government to bring more people to Australia cannot be understated.

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